Father’s Day BBQ

Father’s Day is coming up this weekend and it’s time to treat Dad to a delicious, home-cooked meal.

The market has some great options that are dad-approved.

Why not try some Barbeque Ribs? Pick up the ribs from our market and then head over to Taste NY to pick up some BBQ sauce.

Best Barbeque Ribs Ever

Add some Grilled Sweet Potatoes on the side and top it off with Strawberry Shortcake with Balsamic Honey.

Buttery Grilled Sweet Potato Bundles

Strawberry Shortcake with Balsamic Honey

A perfect, easy meal for your Dad to enjoy! Plus, you can buy the following ingredients at the Farmers Market:

Baby Back Ribs

BBQ Sauce – Taste NY

Sweet Potatoes





Eggs (for egg wash for the biscuits)