Why Shop at the Market?

There are sooo many reasons to shop at a Farmers Market! We will highlight several on the blog today but the following reasons are just scratching the surface!

  1. Fresh, Local Food – Shopping at the market means you will have access to the freshest food around. While food at the grocery store was shipped in trucks from hundreds or thousands of miles away, the food that you find at the market is from our immediate region and was often picked, processed, or baked just before the market.
  2. Variety – While you’ll definitely find your staples, shopping at the market provides a great opportunity to try something new – whether it be produce like kohlrabi or ground cherries, a new type of meat like rabbit or goat, or new breads and baked goods like Kouign Aman.
  3. Nourishing – Taste the rainbow, literally! Our vendors care about sustainability. Produce is picked at its peak freshness, food is minimally processed, and animals are raised humanely.
  4. Accessible – Our vendors variously accept cash, credit, SNAP, FVRx, FMNP & WIC Checks, helping to make shopping at the market accessible for all.
  5. Social – Our market is a gathering place for our community. Chat with a vendor, bump into a neighbor, or grab a cup of coffee or a bite to eat and enjoy it at one of our picnic tables.