Market Eats – Ploughman’s Lunch

For this week’s Market Eats we are featuring a Ploughman’s Lunch.

This is a cold meal that originated in the United Kingdom. Piers the Ploughman’s Crede is a medieval poem that makes one of the first mentions of a Ploughman’s Lunch. The meal is usually eaten for lunch (hence the name) and is often consumed in a pub setting, paired with a cold beer.

The Ploughman’s lunch is built around bread, cheese, meat (usually ham), and some sort of pickle. It is usually accompanied by condiments such as butter and mustard. A number of additional components or garnishes may also be used, such as onions, hard-boiled eggs, apples, celery, tomatoes, radishes, or watercress.

I know what you’re thinking – Bread, meat, and cheese – isn’t that a sandwich? NO! Do not eat a Ploughman’s Lunch like a sandwich. Take a slice of bread and pile the ingredients on HIGH. Do not top with another piece of bread. Additionally, bread must be used in traditional Ploughman’s – crackers, pita chips, etc. will not give you the same effect.

This past weekend, I picked up all the ingredients for a Ploughman’s Lunch at the market and our Taste NY store. I fixed it up when I got home for a nice, hearty, post-market lunch.


Crusty bread, sliced thick – I used the Olive Sourdough from Bread in the Wild

Cheese, 2-3 varieties – I bought Chive and Spicy Red Pepper Cow’s Milk cheese from Sova Farms

Meat – Ham will do but I substituted Soppresata and Summer Sausage from our Taste NY store

Pickles – I used Bread & Butter pickles from Old Barn Market

Tomatoes – I had a mix of Cherry Tomatoes from Carlton Farms, Catskill Cattle Co, & my own garden

Mustard – I used Fat Crow Pub Style Bavarian Mustard

Feel free to add additional components if you so choose!

Arrange on a flat surface (preferably a wooden board) and enjoy with family or friends and an ice-cold beverage!