Hard Cider Throwdown

Hard Cider Throwdown

Did you know that the market has not one, but two awesome Hard Cider vendors? That’s right – we are lucky enough to have both Awestruck Cider and New Leaf Cider Co. with us on Saturdays.

Awestruck Cider is based out of Sidney, NY. Awestruck uses 100% NYS apples in their various ciders and blends, working with a variety of growers. They usually bring 4 – 5 different flavors of cider to the market each week, and recently debuted a wine made with NYS grapes and apples. If you get the chance, visit their taproom in Sidney for even more flavors of cider – including many that are exclusive to the taproom.

New Leaf Cider Co. is local to Broome County. They also use 100% NYS apples, and even create a special wild-foraged blend. New Leaf currently has 4 varieties of cider available at the market. We are anxiously waiting for them to open a taproom, but in the meantime you can find them on tap at local establishments such as Craft or The Farmhouse Brewery.

The first cider we tasted was Awestruck Empire. This comes in a 4-pack of bottles. The cider has light golden color with an aromatic aroma. It is bright and crisp, and tastes semi-dry. The cider has a nice, light mouthfeel.

Next, we tried New Leaf Blue Leaf. This is a blueberry hard cider. It comes in a 4-pack of cans, or New Leaf will let you do a mixed 4-pack if you’d like to sample some of their other flavors. This cider appears to have a pink tint and has a fruity aroma. It tastes on the drier side with a bit of tartness and a hint of a blueberry aftertaste.

We then moved on to New Leaf Caramel Apple. They us to try this one as we aren’t huge caramel fans but we are glad we did! This cider has a hazy golden color with notes of apple pie. It has a sweet taste with cinnamon overtones.

Next, we sampled New Leaf First Leaf. This is their flagship cider. It is a true golden color. The cider is medium dry and is crisp and tart. If you can imagine what a classic hard cider would taste like, this is it.

The next cider we tried was New Leaf Sweet Leaf, which is a strawberry cider. This cider is very hazy – almost opaque. It lives up to its name and is the sweetest of the New Leaf ciders that we tried. It has a fruity aroma with a light strawberry aftertaste.

Finally, we finished with one of our favorites – Awestruck’s Hibiscus Ginger. The cider has a rich, pink color and a peppery floral aroma. This is on the sweeter side with strong ginger notes.

We had a great time sampling these ciders – find both Awestruck Ciders and New Leaf Cider Co at the market this coming Saturday!