Mother’s Day at the Market

This Sunday is Mother’s Day and the Market has lots of ways to celebrate your momma! Listed below are some great ways to incorporate the market into your Mother’s Day routine! And of course, we had to picture one of our vendor’s momma’s at their farm – featured is Pearl and her two little “kids”. Pearl comes from Our Five Acre Homestead, and her milk is used to make the soaps and lotions they sell!

  1. Visit the market! With an open-air feel, as well as vendors inside and outside, the market is a great place to have a safe excursion with your mom. Browse our 30 + vendors, do some shopping, and grab a bite to eat or a coffee, tea, or juice! Plus, we have a beautiful Botanic Garden on site, as well as a Taste NY store for added browsing.
  2. Cook mom a meal! There are tons of options if you want to give mom the gift of a locally-sourced, home-cooked meal. One of my favorite things to make this time of year is quiche – we have a plethora of farm-fresh eggs, plus lots of veggies to choose from, like green garlic, fresh greens, broccoli, and we should finally have asparagus in this weekend!
  3. Plant a garden with mom! Our vendors sell plant starts – both flowers and veggies, as well as fresh herbs, potted plants, and hanging baskets! This weekend we will also have someone selling lilac bushes! Gardening is so relaxing and therapeutic and is truly the gift that keeps on giving with plants that can be enjoyed all season long!
  4. Let mom shop! Market gift certificates can be purchased at the Market Information Booth. They come in $5, $10, and $20 dollar denominations and can be combined to form a larger amount. Cash and check are accepted at the Information Booth, and the Gift Certificates can be used with any vendor at the market!
  5. Pick up a gift! There are ton’s of gift ideas at the market – fresh flowers, baked goods, local coffee, local cider and spirits, hanging baskets, bath & body products, like soaps, lotions, and skin care, handcrafted candles, and the list goes on! Pick up a few of her favorite items, or get something new for her to try!

We hope this list will help you think of some fun and creative ways to celebrate with your mom this weekend. What is your favorite Mother’s Day tradition? Let us know in the comments!

Pearl and her kids

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